FONDO FORMACION EUSKADI is a human capital organisation with more than 30 years of experience in training and qualification field (occupational and continuous vocational training for employees and unemployed people); consultancy and advisory to companies; management by competences and employment training plans; local development projects; professional guidance and advisory and support to learning.
One of the key areas of FONDO FORMACION EUSKADI is to offer special training to disabled people and people at risk of social exclusion. Here we have strong relationship with two of the most important associations in Biscay addressed to this collective: Lantegi Batuak ( a non-profit organisation which generates quality labour opportunities, in order to develop people with disabilities to their maximum, giving preference to the mentally disabled from Biscay and Usoa ( ) a protected Workplace whose mission is to provide stable employment opportunities to disabled people, allowing them their social development.
FFE has different training centres in the Basque Country and over 150 trainers with huge experience in learning methodology.
FFE has a wide experience in transnational cooperation projects for the research, development and innovation in the improvement of competences.
FFE is an expert in delivering training solutions for adults and professional workers. Hence it will play a key role in the development of the learning contents. It will also be a key partner in the drawing of the pilot scenarios and in the implementation of the learning activities.
Being connected to several EU-networks, such as the ENTER network, this partner will also be fundamental for the overall dissemination and exploitation strategy of the project.

Contact person: Marta Palacio

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