Focus Group on the training needs of the target groups

Focus Group on the training needs of the target groups

Event: Focus Group on the training needs of the target groups
Location: Faculty of Education, University of Alicante
Date: 19/05/16

A focus group meeting of the Erasmus+ project ALDIA “Accessible Learning design, implementation and accreditation” took place last Thursday at the University of Alicante with the aim of defining the needs of students with disabilities in the field of higher education and technical and professional training. The participants of this meeting were: 2 students with visual impairment, 2 members of the Association APANAH dedicated to hearing impairment –one of them is a current professor of UA– 1 UA professor, 1 graduate with visual impairment and current collaborator of the Student Service Center of the UA, and 2 educators with extensive experience in a care for the disabled students in non-university educational levels. The focus group has been coordinated by Prof.. Asunción Lledó, Prof. Gonzalo Lorenzo and Prof.. Rosabel Roig-Vila of the University of Alicante.

They have raised questions like: What are their understanding of what is meant by training needs or What are the key elements that can enable professionals in the Higher Education and VET sectors about “accessible” learning. The results of the discussion will be evaluated and categorized, in order to be used for the training programs and platform specifications at Aldia project.

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