ALdia: need analysis report and focus group on training pedagogy and tools

ALdia: need analysis report and focus group on training pedagogy and tools

The second Design Meeting of the ALdia – Accessible Learning design, implementation and accreditation project was organised at CESIE’s office on the 7th of November 2016.

The meeting involved 8 people belonging to the ALdia Focus Group, who already took part in the first design meeting on the training needs of the target groups on June 27th 2016. The focus group includes a sample of the target groups of the project, namely professionals from HE/VET sectors working with disabled students, university tutors and disabled students.

The second design meeting was a chance for participants to have an active role in proposing specific methodologies and tools to be adopted in the ALdia MOOC training programme which will be developed by the consortium and piloted with HE/VET professionals interested in the field of accessible learning design.

The key features identified for such a MOOC included training on:
– types of disability
– accessible learning tools (Brail screens, vocal synthesis)
– psychological and psycho-educational preparation for lecturers and educational staff
– legal notions (e.g. EU/National provisions about accessibility)
– objective-led training process schemes
-methodology testing and autonomy development
– group activities

Other design meetings on training pedagogy and tools are being held in the other partner countries (Spain, Greece), and their results will be integrated into the Report on methodologies and tools which will represent a focal point in the development of the training contents.

The second design meeting proved to be another great chance to actively involve the target groups in the development of the project results, getting a direct feedback by the stakeholders. The effectiveness of the design meetings is also proved by the quality of the Report Supporting students with disability in HE and VET – A needs analysis, available for download on CESIE’s Digital Library. The report is based on data collected through the administration of questionnaires to HE/VET professionals and disabled students as well as on the joint reflection carried out during the first design meeting about the needs of disabled students and of HE/VET professionals working with them. It describes the main obstacles that disabled students often have to face in accessing training paths, as well as the essential steps that should be taken in order to ensure greater accessibility through the development and use of assistive technology tools.

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