Aldia Round table in Bilbao, Spain

Aldia Round table in Bilbao, Spain

On September 21, a round table was held in Bilbao, with the aim of introducing and disseminating the training products developed within ALDIA project; in this event agents from the of disability and training fields participated.

 The aim of the event was to increase awareness of the importance improving the quality of the teaching and learning process for students with disabilities.

 The ALdia project was very well received by the attendees because it responds to a current reality that occurs in training environments (both University and FP), and is the need for continuous professional development in accessibility issues for training and education professionals.

 The possibility of obtaining a certified training in this field was highly valued, as well as the flexible and student-centered methods provided by the ALdia training environment (MOOC).

 Some of the most significant conclusions were:

  • ALdia helps raise awareness, knowledge and social recognition of disability.
  • ALdia offers specific training to trainers (in formal and non-formal environments) as well as continuous professional development in the subject.
  • The ALdia training effectively contributes to enabling people with disabilities to obtain the same learning outcomes as other students, easily adapting training to the characteristics and needs of people with disabilities.
  • It is important to promote training and knowledge about disability throughout the compulsory school curriculum, as well as in secondary, vocational and university education. ALdia project contributes to this.
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