Fondazione ASPHI

ASPHI onlus Foundation is a non-profit organisation which has been addressing the topics of ICT and disability for over 30 years, with a view to promote the involvement of people with disability in all contexts of life, through the use of ICT.

IMPACTS – IMproving Para-Athlete Coaching and Training Careers in Sport

IMPACTS is a project involving Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci, aiming to promote the opportunities for disabled athletes to become coaches and trainers. The resulting impact would be for disabled coaches to become good role models for disabled people and encourage participation in sport.

AID – Associazione italiana Dislessia

The italian Association for dislexia is aimed at raising awareness about this disorder. Its members includ family of dislexic people, doctors, psychologists, speech therapists and teachers.

Volta La Carta

The association Volta la Carta was born in Palermo in 2004 and aims to integrate people with mental health problems into the society through diverse activities and workshops.


Equality in Learning EQUIL is a project aiming to improve employment support for people with lived experience of Mental Health Illness. The project will develop training and learning resources which support the professional development of both new and existing Employment Practitioners, Educators, Employers and people with lived experience of Mental Ill Health.

Center for Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind (C.E.R.B)

C.E.R.B supports visually impaired individuals from all over Greece, with the objective of creating equal opportunities for them by providing them education and thus enabling their accession in society.

Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece

The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, aims at the social integration of the visually impaired (blind, partially sighted, newly-blinded people) and the development of their other skills, abilities and dexterities to the highest possible degree, in order to succeed in their professional and social rehabilitation.

Association of Psychosocial Studies

EPSYME is an NGO, active in the area of mental health and social exclusion of citizens belonging to socially vulnerable groups (especially people with mental illness , mental handicap or disability and autism ), and its purpose is to develop programs and structures to respond to the multifaceted needs.

National Curriculum Development Centre, Ministry of Education and Science

The National Curriculum Development Centre under the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain, offers a complete information on the various special educational needs.

INICO, University of Salamanca

It is a leader in training, research and advice on disability in order to facilitate and improve the quality of life and self-determination of socially disadvantaged people in different contexts and throughout their life cycle.

Navarra Resource Center on Special Education

One of the most complete and most visited web pages among teachers in Spain, about the existing resources to meet the special educational needs.

Center of the Research, Development and Tifotechnic Application, ONCE

The CIDAT is Center of the Research, Development and Tflotechnic Application ONCE, benchmark for the supporting products and technologies aimed to help blind people or people with severe visual impairment.


Blog on universal accessibility and technologies for people with disabilities.

Enrédate, UNICEF

Web of UNICEF educational resources where among other topics, resources related to special educational needs, are offered.

Inclusive education

Thematic web portal on special educational needs.

Spanish Observatory on Disability – Observatorio Estatal de la Discapacidad (OED)

The (OED) is an instrument that offers people with disabilities and other citizens, governments, universities and the Third Sector, the collection, systematization, updating, generation and dissemination of information related to the field of disability.


It is a non-governmental non-profit organization that its aim is to unite, strengthen, train and coordinate the efforts and activities of the organizations working on behalf of people with physical and organic disabilities to defend their rights and improve their quality of life.


Thematic web portal on people with disabilities.


It is an electronic scientific magazine aimed at publishing research, academic and scientific articles in the field of disability, from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Centro Español de Documentación sobre Discapacidad (CEDD)

CEDD is a service that the Royal Board on Disability offers public and private organizations, professionals and / or anyone interested in the field of disability. It collects and categorizes the most relevant scientific literature produced both nationally and internationally, as well as the documents that the international organizations, governments and third sector entities produce in the field of disability.


It promotes socio-cultural, working, sporty informatic activities addressed to the development and integration of the disabled in current society.

Comité Español de Representantes de Personas con Discapacidad (CERMI)

CERMI is the platform for meeting and political action of people with disabilities, constituted by disabled people major national organizations, several sectoral action organizations and a large group of regional platforms, which mean more than 7,000 associations and entities (3.8 million people with disabilities in Spain, the 10% of the total population).

European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education

The European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education is an independent organisation that acts as a platform for collaboration for its member countries, working towards ensuring more inclusive education systems.

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